Coco Palms is a charming 3 bedroom bungalow nestled in a gated complex in Arpora, Goa. It is surrounded by greenery all around and has a shared pool within the complex. Don’t you just love the natural and organic appeal of elements that makes the interiors calm and above all warm & welcoming? The shades of green, brown and red at Coco Palms ensure that you feel exactly the same. The minimal decor in this house brings a subtle earthy vibe to a neutral room; Especially the seating area apart from the living room. It has a low seating right next to a window that allows you to peep outside into the nature. The living room is filled with an arrary of printed pillows and the kitchen area is accessorized with a boho style wooden table. The bedrooms have an extended balcony overlooking the pool and coconut trees outside. And one of the most beautiful natural element that this bungalow adorns is the sunlight. Besides allowing the minimal furnishings pop up bright, the natural daylighting in this house also makes you feel alive and inspired. Overall, this is a fully functional and well equipped bungalow. So while you stay at Coco Palms you can very easily find nature in any space of the house.